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Planning, implementing and managing complete end-to-end security solutions depend on an accurate, up-to-date understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities associated with a networked environment.

In order to get an acceptable return on a security investment, an organization must make sure that every employee, from executive level down, is fully aware of the threats facing the network, what they could cost the company and what they can do to avoid them. Employees also must be educated on the company’s security policy, how it affects them and their role in enforcing it. Finally, employees need training on the security technologies they will be expected to use in carrying out their day-to-day jobs.

People are the weakest link in an enterprise security strategy.

Rigo Technology has developed a comprehensive Security Training Program that provides a full range of courses which allows an organization to upgrade employee security awareness and readiness. This training will help employees to react, adapt and secure a company’s most important asset.

Levering our experience in multiple areas within Information Security, we have introduced a wide variety of training courses covering different aspects of IT Security (Auditing, Monitoring, Operations for both Management and Technical staff)

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing

Security Awareness Training

OnDemad Security Training