14 Information Security Tips

Booming in cyber security is increasing rapidly, implementing higher security in the organization like putting a firewall, Intrusion detection system (IDS), Intrusion prevention system (IPS), and access control list (ACL) put organization system in one level of security. In every organization breach is always from lower level what if lower level staff put malicious USB drive in network, database door guard allows cyber criminal to enter into database system to keep organization safe even without high and expensive product it is possible listed below are 14 security tips which can be implemented in organization to save our valuable data.

  1. Educating all employees about secure uses of the internet within the organization, how to avoid sites full of adware and malware, how to download files and avoid executable files.
  2. By making a policy in the company for which department employees to give access to which systems.
  3. By giving logging credentials to each user’s.
  4. By ensuring users with good password policy.
  5. Sensitive systems should be kept under multiple authentications.
  6. By encrypting sensitive data while storing and transmitting.
  7. By keeping a backup of each file.
  8. By keeping backup files away from office network for which when even office network is breach backup won’t get affected with it.  
  9. Creating an appropriate policy for social media use.
  10. Make sure you have policies and technology to address the risk of people bringing personal devices to work.
  11. If your business works with a credit card than comply with all credit card industry rules such as the most recent version of PCI.
  12. To use security technology by defining functional and security requirements and choosing accordingly, Keeping this security technology up to date.
  13. All portable device must have a function to remotely wipe out functionality.
  14. Lastly to hire an expert to help you.


These steps might help you to reduce your security problems within the company.

Manish Dangol

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