Are applications like testony jeopardizing our privacy?

Using applications and playing games at facebook is not a new thing to us but newly emerging applications like Testony is gaining high level of popularity these days. Almost all of our news feeds are populated by these type of apps. However, these web applications are not developed or designed by the Facebook itself. These types of applications are developed by third-party and are linked to Facebook and these application require at least an access to certain or all aspects of our account for effective operation and are immediately authenticated by the users.

In a sense, by using such applications and games you have likely granted stranger a backdoor to access your private or public information and data of your Facebook account exposing your data and information.

What happens when you trust such applications?

You feel curious about the application, it looks interesting, fun and now you give it a try. The application then asks for your login credentials (Could even be a phishing page or a link).

Actually we love the prediction game and other such fun applications, but we are still not aware of the damage that it could do to our privacy and critical information.

Is testony dangerous in itself?


Information that other applications take.

Testony is not a threatening application in itself but since, it uses your publicly available information and email address, an attacker or even the application developers could misuse your email address for harvesting purpose i.e. sending spam or bulk email. However, this is not the only case. There are other such applications that accesses your photos, tagged photos, tagged places, friend list, geolocation, system information and all these types of critical private and public information could be used against us. As a matter of fact, there have been such incidents in the past of such cases too.

Our Recommendation

So, if you have been participating and already participated in any of these quizzes recently, we recommend you to change your password immediately as a security precaution. Most importantly, do not authorize such applications outside Facebook to use your information. If you have already granted access to such application remove them by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on drop down menu on the top right corner and click on Settings.
  2. Click on Apps.Apps
  3. Click on Application to view what information they are taking.Testony Permissions
  4. Remove the application by clicking the Remove button. (However that still does not guarantee the complete removal of our information. As stated, in this case!)Remove



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