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A Blockchain Workshop Experience

On 2nd of Feb 2017, Rigotechnology was invited to attain “NYU Unblocking the Blockchain”, experienced an exciting evening.

Organised and presented by blockchain alliance (Presenter Ron Quaranta, Organizer NYU/Gilbert Maddock), CEO-founders (bobbonomollc/Bob Bonomo) and two new start-up (EduDAO & e-bit/co-founder Chris Rufo) for the day in NY.

Photo Credit:- RigoTechnology

NY BLOCKCHAIN industry is constantly evolving!!!

Workshop was focused on Blockchain deployment solutions types such as private, public and consortium; AI and Botnet phenomenon were presented as are in high demand, so far what I experienced throughout the industrial interactive session encourage me to observe and to write up my views on present and future advertisement and online trends and technological advancement.

Bytes on Online Media & Malvertising

Online advertisement business is multibillion industry suffering a blow due to concealment of tricky malware injected into advertisement products. Such kind of advertising is an intentional cybercriminal act and mass online pollution, malvertising on rise.

Bots such as adware and pop-ups ruled advertisement arena for long. Soon adware blocks, pop-up blocks gained a momentum to mitigate unnecessary advertisement during online but due to lack on on-demand or real-time detection and prevention of malware infected advertisement, advanced malvertising is being a persistent threat to cyber community.

Cyber consumers want adware such as frequent deals and coupons, malware free online products and services, such as visiting online sites to collect free coupons and deals, free movies or TV-shows. Due to exploding cyber pollution, often the products and services are infected by malwares such as code injections, ad forgery, malicious code injection and dangerous malwares plantation.

Once the malware downloaded to the consumers’ IoT devices, it will be remotely or auto activated, and then adversaries tuned in for business start with monitoring online shopping trends, credit card data thefts, key logger activities, monitoring consumers’ digital psychology and espionage.

Ultimately, a grave concerns of privacy invasion and persistence attacks on consumers’ behaviors and online defaming personal attacks might experience. This trend is highly unethical and impacts far into consumer’s social status.

For an instance, cybercriminals are active and persistent for information stealing, junk advertisement push, email scam, phishing, advertisement scam, media pollution, unauthorized use of personal online profiles and information, distribution of personal information to third party and defaming and ransomware extortion and extremism to terrorize cyber community.

Next-Generation Advertisement & Blockchain

Next-Generation advertising are blockchain based engineered materials designed to run on distributed platforms, where the advertisements are authentic and integrity maintained end to end, from creation of ad till go live activities are well maintained to preserve their identity and authenticity. Blockchain and authentication is a must to have to maintain product or services confidentiality, integrity and availability. Identity preservation and integrity maintained during built, transfer and go live on online are major goal of next-generation advertisement.

For an instance, identity are tagged hashed values given to advertisement clips, the hashed values are generated from a set of specific identity and access management (IAM) databases, the IAM blockchain backed database are also equipped with algorithms and backed by AI or analytical engines. Where, unique advertisement file or video clips are given hashed value to provide unique identity.

Similarly the same identified asset or services built-in components could be applets, software, and applications or software codes written in blocks and chained with hashed values at each instances. It makes impossible to modify or hijack or inject any kind of malware into advertisements or online information during the life of the products or validated service advertisement contents. Even after the death the soul onetime-identity remains unique.

The tamper proof advertisement and malware free delivery of online advertisement could protect both ad and online users from cybercriminals. The tamper proof advertisements are played as per the consumer interest and their consent, so ad-aware or pop-up blockers are not required. It means next-generation false advertisements or infected advertisements will not get prioritized, controlled and filtered whenever necessary.

Next-Generation Advertisement Services & Bots

Bots are infamous than famous as botnets trends are hackers’ millennium tools and tactics to terrorize the cyber or internet community. For an instance, Dyn DDoS attack took down entire NA east coast due to mirai botnets.

In fact digital bots are onetime dumb artificial intelligence designed or programmed to execute commands and controlled by the central information repository. The repository or database of such sensitive information will be fueled by blockchain, it means the information is authentic and tamper proof, very reliable and trusted.

For instance, you may visit a site to book a flight tickets, a flight attendant, Sally would request your information and guide you to get the ticket, in fact the Sally (Human Intelligence) is a programmed bot only design to act like a travel agent and terminate upon task completion. All conversation and process with bot-Sally was highly secured and efficient.

Next-Generation Advertisement Services & Artificial Intelligence

AI could be a bots too, however it is more intelligent, more functional and human emotions can be interpreted by the AI. AI observes, monitors and performs a situational analysis, where analytical data are provided by AI based on output from various systems or services. In technical terms, AI are APIs embedded or value added services to online services could be used for various purpose. This is considered a future top-tier computer architecture servers the online consumers.

For an instance 1000 consumers visited an online site, online retailer David helps to serve those consumers. In fact, David was simply an AI or API programmed to serve those consumers, also those AI were intelligence enough to sort out the top 10 high spending customers and offered 25% discount for next purchase, upon transaction completion, waving hands appeared and smiley face popped up with “have a nice day greeting voice”. In background AI was designed to learn these activities throughout the learning period and itself decided to react on the specific situations.

Conclusively, bots, blockchain and AI together going to drive online media and next generation advertisement to protect from malvertising.

Bip Khanal

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