Buying Passport on The Dark net.

You lost your passport while traveling to some country and then you find out that your passport is placed auction in dark net for some bitcoins. Getting back your stolen passport or getting forged passport from dark net is not as cheap as we think. Vocativ analyzed 13 websites across darknet where they found a Danish passport is sold as high as $4000. In market passport price varies with the country name and quality of the passport.  



According to the passport index page UK and USA are ranked top which allows them to access 147 countries without visa. But their price in the black market is still lower than Denmark and Belgium passport for some reasons and difficulty of forging more intricate passports. On a dark site like http://xfnwyig7olypdq5r.onion/ they are offering US passport, driving license and other document in 17.771 ฿. Whereas other dark sites are offering UK passport in price of just 9.151 ฿.

An article published by The Guardian in 2014 shows that passport theft in Thailand is a regular occurrence. Theft of passport from western tourist is higher in number in Phuket, Thailand than other cities. Multiple media reports show that Thailand as one of the top country to provide stolen or forged passport in darknet for sell.


Manish Dangol

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