Cyber Bunkers, Cyber War & Crimes

Bunkers Background

During First World War bunkers were made to protect kings, commanders, armies and sensitive logistics from notorious attacks, security breaches and hacking the war games. Throughout the Second World War, bunkers were primarily made to get protected from fallout of nuclear and its radiation. Just in case, if Third World War starts, initiation is expected from Cyber domain that would drag into the conventional war, further escalating to total nuclear war and an ultimate farewell of humans from the planet.

A monkey neither makes own home nor let others! Imagine Cyber itching phenomenon created by humans dragged into dreadful conflicts and catastrophic consequences.

The unprecedented cyber explosion, the proliferation of IoE (Internet of Everything), exploration of interests, innovation of new technology and embracing trends are all good sign of digital prosperous but equally unhealthy and ultimate multilateral damages to humankind.

During the birth of the Internet it was isolated and used for testing and experiment purpose within a LAN (Local Area Network), computer virus invented and used to damage the specific machine. Once Internet introduced to geographically or physically dispersed networks of computers, computer worms invented, as it was a communicable digital disease extent into the networks that infected many computer machines, with a single piece of the program.

Since then viruses became transferable and piggybacked by worms that infected millions of computers as millennia virus, ILOVEYOU virus etc. Today is the era of advanced persistence threats, self-mutated malware, spyware, and sophisticated hackers and proliferation of hacking tools.

Easy access to source codes, easily available hacking tools, advanced techniques, and digital infection transporters together triggering millions of attacks each day within Cyber World. For an instance flood of DDoS attacks and malware C&C progressing every second.

A practical concept of detection, prevention, and mitigation of viruses, malware, and spyware throughout the networks & systems, infrastructures, and applications enabling an ultimate data protection within a premises, cloud, at rest and in flight gaining unprecedented momentum. Regardless the cybercrime is on the rise and cyber war games are being played secretly within cyberspace.

What is Cyber Bunker?

In regards to the data protection, data have been hosted in secure and isolated locations called cyber bunkers. Conventional abandoned bunkers, new locations, and secret places are being used for secure data hosting services. Secret services and physical security are booming for cyber bunkers facilities protection and even cloud bunkers and hosting services are on rise.

Cyber bunkers are also used for various cybercrime purposes, such as DDoS attack command and control, malware command and control, “attack as a service”, “breached data hosting as a service”, “criminal secret service as a service” and much more based on an offer by the criminal organizations. Due to lack of proper regulations and jurisdiction limitations, even cyber bunker providers would not know what was requested to be hosted within their service facility, neither authorities are allowed to penetrate or conduct a search for hosted data.

Cyber Bunker Providers Murdering Cyber Data Protection

Moreover, cyber bunker services are delivered in highly secured and protected environment enabling cybercrime a safe haven. Resulting into:

·        Banking and financial institutions investing aggressively in infrastructures to protect its consumers, their cards and personal details protection;

  • Health industry is suffering a blow in protection of PHI, PII and medical records;
  • Retail industry is suffering in protecting SPI, CCD, PII and shopping trends;
  • Individuals and businesses are being hacked and penetrated beyond the recognition, and being helpless in protecting their PII, BII, services and business, and personal reputation damages;
  • Government critical infrastructure entities are tirelessly fighting in real-time to protect their SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and PLC (Programming Logic Controller) systems;
  • Human right activists, NGO/INGO for good deeds, welfare organizations, and charity organizations are crying for cyber protection and seeking government help, unfortunately, governments; themselves are not trusted, being dishonest and raping public’s soul and busy on crying inside out fighting cybercrime;
  • Hacktivist and political phenomenon is on rise to fight against the governments and globalists for-profit entity or organizations, unfortunately, if the government not being able to manage those cyber incidents and chaos is spreading, where every citizen is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
  • Overall identity theft on rise, public getting calls from bad debt collector without baseless reasons, tax details and SSN are on loose, credit card and debit card details are on loose, even PHI and medical records are breached and sold to the black-market;

Cyber Bunkers’ Ethical Prospects

Business moral and ethical approach of cyber bunkers providers is lost, as cyber bunkers have been facilitating hosting services for both good and bad guys. Unfortunately, bad guys are pouring finance on CBP to host the breached or stolen data and information services facilitation, and as per the contractual agreement with Cyber Bunker Providers (CBP), nobody is allowed to access the hosted data under any circumstances, except the owner and the authorized users and entities.

In case the cybercriminals running their own cyber bunkers are raided by legal authorities and enforce restrain order, the cybercriminals mutated by utilizing portable bunkers or select other unknown premise or cloud locations to host the cyber bunker services for the stolen and beached data and information by luring black-markets and cyber criminals.

In author’s view existence of Cyber Bunkers have following major concerns,

·        How ethical the Cyber Bunkers are?

·        Are Cyber Bunkers interfere by the legal entity?

·        Are Cyber Bunkers regulated by the government?

·        Are Cyber Bunkers concern by global jurisdictions?

·        Do Cyber Bunkers have moral grounds?

·        Do Cyber Bunkers interference human society?

·        Do Cyber Bunkers polluting digital economy?

Cyber Bunkers Types

In author’s view Cyber Bunkers can be classified as below,

·        Nomadic Cyber Bunkers: – Roaming or portable data hosting services equipped with end-to-end infrastructures. For an instance, a portable facility or a virtual box equipped with all necessary security features, such as internet connection, storage, firewall, IPS/IDS and internet routing and switching capabilities. Such type of bunkers are delivered by humans and activated manually for a purpose and dismantled or destroy upon the project completion.

·        Robotic Cyber Bunkers: – Robotic Cyber Bunkers are like transformers, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, they look like normal cars or trucks being facilitated for Cyber Bunker purpose in demand, robotic cyber bunkers are transformed as are automated and remotely activated cells. Such type of cyber bunkers are smart, self-learning, self-healing equipped with services as automatic dial in to internet, automatic dialing home, detecting threats and preventing the attacks in real-time. Once the intended tasks are completed, the robots go to sleep.

·        ToR organized Cyber Bunkers: – Corporate, state, nation, organized criminal gangs or in some cases government authorized contractors do provision cyber bunker data centers and hosting services protected with ToR nodes. For an instance, government might use pen testing or intended attacks against the cyber criminals or enemy of state. Since the facility is behind the ToR, the origin of attacks can come from anywhere, it means the targeted party or cyber criminals will have difficulty to track down the persisted attack and to retaliate or defend such kind of attacks instantly.

·        ToR private Cyber Bunkers: – A person hiding behind ToR nodes or masquerade behind SOHO networks secretly working for authorized entity or for a criminal intent. Such kind of bunkers are also hard to track for forensic investigations.

·        Conventional Cyber Bunkers:- Old and abandoned world war bunkers, sites or facilities or newly built on conventional principals for hosting facility are called conventional cyber bunkers. These facility are located in secret zone, heavily guarded by humans (security guards), in some cases facility seems like abandoned and without proper signage. In reality operation is 24/7 inside the bunkers in corporation of humans, automated systems and robots.

·        Cloud-based Cyber Bunkers: – Same as conventional cyber bunkers but services are hosted on clouds like AWS, AZURE. For an instance, facility utilized for hosting entire XaaS (Anything as a Service) in the cloud or total company establishment in the cloud like Rackspace.

·        Government Cyber Bunkers: – Government hosting facility within premise, on cloud or in hybrid-mode applicable for hosting big data, AI and public cloud facility. For an instance government weather data hosting on the public cloud for public use. Also government are involved in mass data collection and monitoring their own citizens activities in use of cyber bunker facilities, such as NSA, BND, SIS, MI6.

·        Terrorist Cell Cyber Bunkers: – Terrorist Cell cyber bunkers come in many forms as bad guys like ISIS, Al-Qaida are desperate to utilize cyber means to perform terrorism activities. These guys could use any of the Cyber Bunker types to achieve their intended cyber game.

Conclusively, having cyber bunker is good prospective if it is used for the legal, ethical and social purpose and regulated by the government and global regulatory and jurisdictions. Whatsoever use of cyber bunker with a criminal intent should be discouraged or deterred. Global government must correct themselves first, step up to control cyber criminals, cybercrime and data breaches, and weigh in with a law and order enforcement if found anything suspicious of hosting for criminals, cyber law and order must be strictly implied for cyber bunkers to reduce the level of data breach, cybercrimes, and cyber war.

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