Cyber Security Red Teaming & Hybrid Intelligence

Next-generation cyber-crimes and criminals are advanced and persistence in nature. If we do not think like a hacker we won’t be able to protect ourselves. Automated tactics, sophisticated tools and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are not enough to find zero day bugs and vulnerabilities.

Why Contemporary Cyber Tactics and Technology is failing?

  • Advanced technologies in place but not coping with technological evolution
  • Strong security focus and emphasis on external risks and on WAN than in internal risks on LAN
  • Advanced technologies in place with untouched functions and features
  • Advanced technologies postured in illogical manner
  • Poor testing and quick adoption of security technology
  • Organized management but too much politically influenced IT team & system
  • Advanced technologies with too many vendors and functions overlapping
  • Advanced encryption but poor integrity
  • Big budget and resources but poor choice of technology and people
  • Advanced technology and great people but poor process
  • Advanced technology and process but poor security policy
  • Advanced technologies but poor monitoring resources & poor human judgement
  • Advanced technologies with poor and untrained employees
  • Advanced technologies driving by poor quality employees
  • Advanced technologies installed just for the compliance
  • Advanced technologies and fully trusting on automation and analytics
  • Advanced reports but poor interpretation, less actions on alerts and notification mechanism
  • Advanced security postures but weak in detection and monitoring
  • Advanced security and detection mechanism but weak CRT
  • Advanced security but poor SOC team
  • Advance technology but not concern on routine patching and upgrades
  • Lack of security awareness, training and education

Red Teaming

Red team scopes out these technological security weakness, it adopts well defined and planned programs to provision technology in logical postures, performs routine checks and provides tactical and strategic solutions upon risk assessment completion.

Red team may have various definitions around the cyber landscape but in author’s view, Red team is an authentic team with unique planned security assessment & hacking style not limited by the definition.

Red team becomes hybrid once the human ethical hacking skills meets with Artificial Intelligence, legal and regulatory compliant, advanced tools and programming capabilities.

The hybrid intelligent team capable to hunt the persistence threats and “always-on” cyber responsive threats and management platform for protection of cyber community.

For an instance, Rigo Technology has extra ordinary team, the team is constitute of sophisticated white hack hackers, termed as “bug hunters”, who took part in many hackathon events. Rigo organized events for global hackers and invites for an intentional breach, also authorized to vandalize the bullet proof products and services.

Rigo Red team also took part in global hackathon and events with advanced penetration skills and tactics that were well appreciated by global organizers such as Google, Facebook etc. The reserved pool of these hackers are made for good purpose, Rigo dispatch these team members to any corners of the globe whenever necessary. Also extra ordinary Red Team assist on security risk assessment programs. Only open for ethical hacking and abide by global jurisdictions

What Red Team designed for?

  • Red Team service is designed to find zero-day bugs and security vulnerabilities across all level.
  • Red Team is sophisticated on web, app, databases and storage (Tier 1 – 4) security assessment and world class solutions to protect systems & services.
  • Red Team provides a professional audit and risk assessment, engages in forensic investigation & eDiscovery and advanced forms a team of tactical and strategic security solutions developers.
  • Red Team executes a course of action, tactical solution and agile practices with an engagement of sophisticated tools & skills for white-hat or ethical hacking purpose.
  • Red Team constantly practicing forensic investigation on malwares, viruses and other security services in own world class digital forensic lab.
  • Red Team always ready for malware reverse engineering, creations, injection, just in time codes and programs developers for quick incident response and ready for offensive attacks.
  • Red Team is capable of strike from distance means, attacking bad targets verified by governments for legal purpose. For an instance Red Team is legally capable to bring dark network’s sites by DDoS attacks followed by malware attacks that shuts down illegal services further corrupting hard disks, hardware and infrastructures.
  • Red Team also experienced on planting malware and initiate the attack by activating logic bombs and digital nuclear weapons such as data and hardware destruction. Such as Shamoon_2
  • Red Team provides end-to-end security services from end-user to internet to cloud to WAN to DMZ to LAN to DC to Wireless domain to End-points.

Hybrid Intelligence

Machine and human together in action to execute strategic and tactical solutions and methodologies to cure cyber infections, crimes and offenses in professional manner. Hybrid intelligence hooks the theme of “a greatest good for the great number of people strategy is applied to an ethical cyber response.”  

Hybrid intelligence is a logical machine and algorithms’ power equipped with an analytic, monitoring and reporting, automated responsive, and combined with human analytic and security intelligence. Hybrid intelligence creates a parabolic shield to protect digital arena from unpleasant or unknown attacks.

Strategic Red team security assessment process may take weeks as it depends on size of a client, types of infrastructures, and types of software or application and its functionalities. Red team services is global and may have to pass legal hurdles across the global jurisdictions prior an engagement with the clients.

Tactical Red team responds quickly upon business entities requests, the tactical Red team is actively parked services, team of sophisticated ethical hackers ready to take off to reach out to any parts of the globe to take on the challenging tasks and involve on cyber response instantly.

Red Team services and packages are qualified and activated soon after standard security assessment, penetration and vulnerability tests completion. Red Team orientation,

  • 1 – 2 Red Team members for small business
  • 3 – 5 Red Team members for medium business
  • 5- 10 Red Team members for large business

Conclusively, Red teaming and hybrid intelligence together can be most effective and efficient due to incorporation of deep understanding of technologies, artificial intelligence and analytic and expert professionals executing the security programs. Nevertheless security awareness is a must to have for all technological systems’, employees, vendors, suppliers, communities and human societies.

Bip Khanal

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