Decrypt CryptXXX ransomware

What is CryptXXX?

In April, 15 Proofpoint researchers discovered a brand new ransomware which used Angler exploit kit to infect Windows devices. As cybercriminals had not given any name to their creation the researchers called it CryptXXX. It is possible that they chose that name as the Trojan had a nasty habit of adding the .crypt extension to the names of all infected files and XXX is Anglers second name.

CryptXXX is an interesting ransomware sample. It encrypts files on all attached data storage a short time after the PC has been infected. The criminals put this delay in to confuse victims and make it harder to detect which websites spread the malware.

So if CryptXXX ransomware has found its way into your system, not everything is lost. To recover your files we will need the original (not encrypted) version of at least one file, which suffered from CryptXXX. If you have more files like this backed up, this will work.

Then you need to do the following:

  1. Download the tool and launch it.
  1. Open Settings and choose drive types (removable, network or hard drive) for scanning. Don’t check the “Delete crypted files after decryption” option until you are 100% that decrypted files open properly.




  1. Click the “Start scan” link and choose where the encrypted .crypt file lies (that file, for which you have an unencrypted copy as well).
  1. Then the tool will ask for the original file.
  1. After that RannohDecryptor starts searching for all other files with “.crypt” extension and tries to decrypt all files, which weigh less than your original. The bigger file you’ve feed to the utility — the more files would be decrypted.




Manish Dangol

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