International Hackers Active in Nepal

A bulgarian hacker Vecilin Georgelare has been arrested in an attempt to steal ATM related data from Nabil Bank´s ATM. Nepal Police arrested Vecilin with chip reader, laptop and other electronic devices. 
¨An investigation is undergoing against Vecilin for stealing data and trying to hack bank accounts¨ says DSP. Dinesh Acharya of Nepal Police. A bank security guard called police and got him arrested after he saw an unusual activity inside bank´s ATM.
According to Police, Vecilin tried to steal from ATM by connecting his Laptop and other electronic hacking devices. Although it is yet to confirm if he was successful to steal fund or data from ATM. Police suspects Vecilin to be a member of an International Hacking Group which targets and hacks ATM Machines, because he is the second Bulgarian to be arrested in Nepal in an attempt to break into ATM´s.

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