Massive Google Docs OAuth Phishing Attack Spreading via Email

If you’ve have recently received an invitation asking to join a shared Google Doc that you weren’t expecting or from someone who you’re unknown to, you might have been victim of a phishing scam that could compromise your google account.

Google Docs phishing attack [Source: Zack Latta]

Google is currently investigating this large-scale phishing attack which involves malwares that is currently being spread among users of its G-mail service. A message is sent to Gmail users which includes invitation for a shared Google Docs document. However, the link leads to a self-propagating internet worm.

The fake Google Docs app requests access to the user’s Google accounts, which includes access to the incoming and outgoing email and contacts. Google has confirmed the worm attack and is actively warning users to not click or open the phishing email. And for the users who have already allowed access to the malicious Google Docs should remove it from their accounts immediately.


Google’s Docs team now has removed the fake pages for the malware and has also updated the company’s safe browsing feature. It advised users who believe they might have clicked on the link in the phishing message to visit its security check up page in order to remove apps that they don’t recognize.

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