Nepal ADSL user SSID and password leak.

Last month (march 2016) Nepal telecom user data has been breached by notorious hacker group Anonymous with hashtag #opnep. After a month of this breach, today cyber criminal published data of more than 4000 users of Nepal telecom ADSL service including user name, WIFI, SSID and password in ghostbin.

adsl user wifi ssid and pass

Being poorly maintained systems of Nepalese organizations more & more cyber criminals are targeting Nepal cyberspace to get confidential governmental and user data.

It is too sad to say that general citizen’s personally identifiable information is being leaked and openly shared in public due to the inactivity and inaction of the responsible authorities and organizations. Therefore, before it’s too late the stakeholders including Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Telecom Companies, ISPs, Web Developers and Government Authorities must take some solid steps to protect our cyberspace without delay.

Manish Dangol

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