Identity Theft: Next Cyber Threat for Nepal

Imagine someone is opening a bank account, filing taxes and shopping from your name. Yes, opening an account with your name is possible. People with less or no knowledge about identity theft they are freely giving their details to anyone. Not only people but governments may also be unknowingly publishing identity details of their citizens. Let’s say you are giving a new cell phone to your friend or loved one with registered details of your personal information, now imagine what if he/she use it for criminal purpose with your name. 








In Nepal, growth in online shopping has dramatically increased with the rise of different online stores like kaymu, neplify, muncha, foodmandu, sastodeal, and others. With the rise in the online stores provided quality products many youngsters are into shopping through online. Many people while making copies of their identity card or documents with personal information are unaware of might being stolen by the cyber criminal while leaving their data in copies shop or in  their office.People are unknown about identity theft in Nepal, which may increase exponentially.









Online scam like lottery winners, iPhone winner or holiday package winner email is on the rise in number where the scammer asked user personal information and later ask some amount to claim those prizes. An unknown person about identity theft sends his/her information to the scammer to claim their bogus prize. This process ultimately obtains innocent users personal details than simply can use these data for doing any crime.

To stay safe from identity theft users should not give their personal information, even to close friends. Check the certificates of the website before making payment through credit card, certificates can be looked by clicking locked icon which can be found before URL of any websites. Remove personal information from computer and devices.

Looking at the present scenario of Nepal, where the government is not protecting users’ data, insecure payment gateway and bad practices of online shopping, it is prominent that Identity theft will be the greatest threat in cyberspace of Nepal.

Manish Dangol

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