Security Researcher discovered number of security flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Samsung mobile is one of the market dominating cell phone manufacturing company with 21.4% share in 2015 Q2 worldwide. Each year with a new design; Samsung is implementing new skin, attractive and impressive user interface for its users. In 2015, Samsung launched a new device Samsung Galaxy S6 edge which is one of the top rated mobiles with a curve in both edges of the mobile with an attractive user interface.


After the launch of this device team of ten researchers from project zero and google security team discovered a number of high-security flaws in this phone. According to Project Zero, the team has found 11 highly critical bugs in this device. Bugs are of high severity among which one bug can take full control of the phone and steal personal data of the phone owner. Another issue they found is (CVE-2015-7889) where an attacker can forward a mail from one email to another account without knowledge of the email owner.

(CVE-2015-7888) is the issue number for the bug and was discovered in the WifiHs20UtilityService of the flagship device, which unzips the files that have been zipped and writes it in a different location of the mobile phone. Another bug assigned as (CVE-2015-7893) found in the email client which can be exploited to execute arbitrary JavaScript code embedded in an email. Other bugs that were discovered are related to the image parsing (CVE-2015-7894, CVE-2015-7895, CVE-2015-7896, CVE-2015-7897, CVE-2015-7898) and the drivers (CVE-2015-7890, CVE-2015-7891, CVE-2015-7892).


Samsung has already patched eight bugs in October whereas remaining three bugs are going to be patched in November with their monthly updates.


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