Smart TV Ransomware infection

A lovely program is running on the television and you are watching it very curiously at some interesting point your TV got locked up with message pay or your TV will be locked forever. With the development of smart TV for browsing internet and watching TV in same device, it is being popular world wide. Coming to 2016, 100 million tv will be connected to the internet to surf mail and watch tv at the same time. Current smart TVs, mainly use one of four operating systems: Tizen, WebOS 2.0, Firefox OS, or Android TV (which is a version of Android 5 Lollipop).

How can someone attack to smart TV?

The simple way to get affect the TV is to insert the malware infected USB drive or getting some vulnerable application to the tv and hide it. These attack need the physical access to the TV which might not be possible, but another process can be implemented that is MITM (Man in the middle attack). In this process attacker need to be in the same path where he need to hijack the DNS request or get a wifi password. When user tries to download app from the legit server attacker redirect to poisoned server and made user to download vulnerable app which make TV vulnerable.


With the rise in the number of smart tvs in the market, attackers can make further attacks. Attacking smart tv there are other reasons like click fraud, making the bot, ransomware, private data, cryptocurrency mining, accessing other devices in the same network, and data theft.

To prevent smart tv from compromising user need to read the privacy policy, modify the security settings of the devices and installation of updates as soon as available.

Source: Symantec

Manish Dangol

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